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Kevin McCarthy’s run as speaker is finished. Is Matt Gaetz a villain or a hero?

Is Matt Gaetz a hero or a villain? 

The camera-loving Republican from Florida who threatened to shut down the government and who masterminded the ousting of Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday has made more than a few enemies in Congress. 

He doesn’t care; he represents a district in Florida that hasn’t gone Democrat in decades and that went for former President Trump in 2020 by 68% to 29%. That means that in 2018, for instance, election gurus gave him 99% odds of being re-elected, even though his approval rating was a dismal 20% – worse than Joe Biden.   

Consequently, Gaetz has little sympathy for centrist colleagues in toss-up districts who must win over independent voters who are likely appalled by the chaos in the GOP caucus. He apparently has little commitment to his party or to maintaining the Republican majority in the House. To those of us who view Joe Biden’s agenda as dangerous for our country, Gaetz’ unseating of Speaker McCarthy, which will stoke the Democrat narrative that the GOP is incapable of governing and give more power to House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., and his colleagues, is reckless and selfish. It is said his attention-getting antics are fed by his desire to be a TV host; if the shoe fits… 

Gaetz could have been a hero here. Instead of declaring war on other Republicans, Gaetz et al. should have declared war on costly deficits and done the hard work of passing spending bills to bring them down. 

Who knows? He might have even scored a TV anchor job in the process.


Liz Peek is a Fox News contributor and former partner of major bracket Wall Street firm Wertheim & Company. A former columnist for the Fiscal Times, she writes for The Hill and contributes frequently to Fox News, the New York Sun and other publications. For more visit LizPeek.com. Follow her on Twitter @LizPeek.


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