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Israel, Ukraine, China: Welcome to a world on fire where the left gets the scenario it asked for

Do today’s headlines make you feel like you’ve jumped in the wayback machine and landed in 1973? There’s a reason for that. This is what the world looks like without firm American leadership that doesn’t put America’s interests first. Welcome to a world on fire.

At the nadir of American power after the humiliation in Vietnam, the biggest cheerleaders for the end of American dominance came from the American left. They really believed we would all be better off without Pax America, preferring instead a multi-polar world where big nations didn’t call all the shots. 

Nothing seemed to shake that belief. Not the Yom Kippur War (1973). Not even 1979’s trifecta of misery: the oil crisis triggered by the Iranian Revolution, the Iran hostage crisis, and Russia’s ruthless invasion of Afghanistan. Through it all, they still believed that America was the root of the world’s problems. 

To do that, Washington needs to stop thinking that China is a “relationship” that can be managed. Stop giving money to Hamas and Iran. Stop holding back American energy. Secure the border. Tell Europe to get serious about defending Europe. Stop acting like the U.N. and act like the U.S.

The left will hate this, but it’s the only way forward for securing a more peaceful, prosperous world. 


James Jay Carafano is vice president of foreign and defense policy studies  The Heritage Foundation. Follow him on Twitter @JJCarafano.


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