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Is the Biden administration preparing for the wrong kind of war with Iran?

As the Israeli military entered “the second stage of the war,” having expanded its ground operation in northern Gaza on Monday, aiming to eliminate the Hamas terrorist threat once and for all, fears are growing over the conflict escalating into a broader war in the Middle East. 

The Pentagon has beefed up U.S. force posture in the region and launched retaliatory airstrikes on two Iran-linked weapons and ammunition storage facilities in Syria, in an effort to deter Teheran from ratcheting up hostilities and expanding the conflict. Sending two carrier strike groups to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, authorizing the deployment a terminal high-altitude area defense (THAAD) battery and additional Patriot battalions to the region, as the Pentagon has done, is a good strategic messaging campaign. But it does nothing to counter the threat posed by Iran and its proxies here in America.

The Biden administration is likely preparing for a wrong kind of war and must shift its strategy. Rather than focusing exclusively on preventing a multi-front war in the Middle East, President Biden must first and foremost keep the Iranian threat away from the U.S. homeland.

Iran is unlikely to engage in a head-to-head kinetic confrontation with the United States. First, Iran is not suicidal to take on the overwhelmingly superior U.S. military. And second, direct state-on-state combat is not Iran’s way of war. Asymmetric warfare, or fighting in what the U.S. military calls the “gray zone,” is the Iranian forces’ signature style, which they have employed since the creation of the Islamic Republic in 1979.

We have already seen the level of mayhem, pillaging, arson and vandalism inflicted on American cities by the agitated mob during the riots associated with George Floyd’s death in 2020. Imagine if a malevolent foreign power, obsessed with America’s destruction, that has been flowing operatives into our land for a decade, starts agitating these rioters and murdering Americans. Not only would this destabilize the normal functioning of our society, but it would also constrain the freedom of action that the U.S. government needs to prevent a broader war in the Middle East. 

The commander in chief must focus on America’s defense and let Israel eliminate threats to its security, which it is perfectly capable of doing. 

Rebekah Koffler is a strategic military intelligence analyst and the author of Putin’s Playbook. She is Managing Editor of an e-mail newsletter for independent thinkers, CutToTheNews.com. Follow her on Twitter @Rebekah0132


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