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House speaker fight: The real reason why Kevin McCarthy still hasn’t been replaced

Republican infighting in the House of Representatives since the ouster of Speaker Kevin McCarthy two weeks ago isn’t so much creating dysfunction as it is exposing dysfunction. 

Over the past 10 months, strange coalitions have been built and dispersed, candidates have risen and fallen, and private animosities have burst into public view. While the D.C. legacy media press has proven itself incapable of explaining any of the above (see: its description for the “hard right coalition” of Reps. Matt Gaetz, Nancy Mace and Ken Buck), the squabbling has clarified just how cracked up the Republican Party truly is.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) has long suffered from misalignment with its donor class and leadership holding completely different priorities from its voters and actually actual conservative members. The misalignment has been steadily widening for decades, but today, with some members openly calling on Republicans to align with Democrats just to keep the cash flowing, it’s clear the spine is broken. 

That’s why so many Republican and Democrat politicians alike want it to happen and are willing to damage the institution of the House to do it. 

This fight over the next Republican House speaker isn’t creating the dysfunction, it’s exposing the dysfunction–and its loyal patrons.


Christopher Bedford is the executive editor of The Common Sense Society.


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