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GREG GUTFELD: Thanks to the oppressed mindset, we aren’t capable of understanding what Israel is fighting for

So, imagine you’re on a subway and some wild man strikes your wife in the face. Before you can react, a bunch of activists jumps between you and the attacker to keep you from protecting her. In fact, they’re screaming that it’s your fault. How would you feel? Pretty much like Israel. Here in America, as war rages, our nation’s caring progressives aren’t being asked to do anything much. All they do is the easy stuff. They protest from afar. Over the weekend, 7000 progressives took to the streets in the People’s Republic of Brooklyn, shutting down the bridge. True, during those hours, there wasn’t a barista or women’s studies professor left anywhere in town. And really, it’s a wonder we still have an obesity problem in this country with all the marching they do. The marchers carried banners like “Honor the Martyrs” and “From the River to the Sea,” a phrase which advocates the complete eradication of Israel. It’s either that or the condition of Joe Biden’s Depends after three iced teas. I know. I felt bad about that. Protected by the same cops they were likely throwing things at during George Floyd’s Summer of Love two years ago, these brave weekend warriors banged drums and Instagrammed every moment of Saturday afternoon’s fight against the man. 

But Israel is something we’re also not. It’s cohesive. So, as they fight side by side, we end up turning on ourselves. Thanks to the oppressed mindset, we aren’t capable of understanding what Israel is fighting for – their very existence. Because we’re here too busy fighting us. 

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