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GREG GUTFELD: From the Methadone Mile to daytime camping, Democrats finally feel the heat on homelessness

Finally, finally the attention I deserve. Happy Wednesday, everyone. So mental illness really is a problem in this country. Of course, history shows that the mentally ill have always been with us. But now our mostly Democrat run cities are awash in serious mental cases roaming the streets. It’s sad. Several decades ago, this country decided that institutionalizing our mentally ill was somehow a violation of their rights. It’s a pretty unique take on the Constitution, that it’s every citizen’s right to eat from garbage cans and treat our sidewalks like toilets. I don’t remember James Madison actually adding that. 

What we should’ve realized by now is that allowing those who can’t care for themselves to attempt to care for themselves isn’t respecting their rights. It’s condemning them to hunger, disease and a lonely death on a frozen sidewalk, much like the future of any CNN anchor, but any caring society should do what it can to help those who can’t help themselves.


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