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GREG GUTFELD: The left has scrapped all norms to try to get rid of the big orange meanie

Happy Monday, everybody. And strap yourselves in because we’re about to get deeper than my proctologist after he takes off his Rolex. Tonight’s show is more than entertainment, it’s three credits at Gutfeld University. Let’s go. So back in ancient Greece, the famous philosopher Socrates actually chose to drink a cup of poisoned hemlock rather than renounce what he believed in. That’s a tough guy. I think Mitch McConnell tried that once with a bottle of expired Ensure, but they sure don’t make philosophers like they used to. They used to die for their causes. Now they whine about them. On last week’s Bill Maher show, celebrated political philosopher Sam Harris explained the left’s view of Donald Trump.

VIDEO OF PRESIDENT BIDEN LOSING HIS TRAIN OF THOUGHT: I hope this experience for the speaker has been one of personal revelation. I’m not being facetious. I… Anyway.

That’s bad. So much for the norms of walking, talking and not starting World War III. But if Joe’s normal, hell, I will take the abnormal orange guy every time. So should you. 

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