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GREG GUTFELD: Biden’s turned what’s left of our country into a terror magnet

I love it. I love you. All right. That’s it. Calm down. All right. So let’s admit, America is a very lucky country. We got Chick-fil-A and we got Shannon Bream. I’m not sure which one is more religious. And you know what else we’ve got? Two big oceans. Three, if you count Canada. But the Atlantic and Pacific are like giant moats against many of the world’s worst people. You know, Kim Jong-Un, Iran, Abba. Let’s call it ocean privilege. Eight years ago, a brilliant and handsome commentator who many hoped would become president for life called it just that. 

What is it with oceans and shrinkage anyway? You know, between the media, the Dems, Biden and the rest of our woke geniuses, I’m not sure two oceans is enough. Maybe Elon’s right about hitting up a new planet. If America was the last hope, and it’s fading, Mars is looking pretty good right about now.

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