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Boomers were right! 5 things about adulting no one wants you to know

Oscar Wilde said that “with age comes wisdom.” I’d add, hopefully. But work near the nation’s capital for a while and you might think Wilde was wildly wrong.

Still, Boomers (and I’m on the tail end of that group, sad to say) have some wisdom to share with their Gen Z counterparts. I figure Millennials have already paid their dues enough that they might know stuff. The last Millennial was born in 1994, so they are all nearly 30 years old or more. 

First off, Boomers are no smarter or better than the newer gens. The YouTube generations have ways of learning most older folks will never master. We are just more experienced.

zoomers vs boomers

To the Zoomers reading this, one day you’ll be old and mocked by young people, too. So it goes. (iStock)

Every new generation is sure it has cornered the market on youth and brains, only to find out that youth turns to middle age and then the golden years. My generation is always better than the generations before it. Whatever my generation happens to be.

This is just a starter list. The SparkNotes for life. There’s tons more on relationships, friends, family, faith, having kids, skipping the hook-up culture and more. Much of that you have to learn on your own.

But for all of it, accept you will make mistakes. We made/make our share. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 


Dan Gainor is a freelance opinion editor for Fox News Digital.


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