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Biden’s Oval Office speech on Israel, Ukraine had this secret weapon

President Biden gave a speech to the country on Thursday night with a theme that, for a change, a majority of Republicans and Democrats can agree with: American leadership, national interest, and our values all mean that we need to support both Israel and the Ukraine.

The most recent polling shows that about 70% or more of the American public supports Israel over Hamas, but young people who have not been through the past wars and struggles of Israel and who are far removed from the Holocaust have higher support for Hamas. They have been indoctrinated by the progressive left and the institutions of higher learning that have miseducated our youth. How exactly can an antisemitic terrorist group that is completely intolerant of women’s rights and the rights of LGBTQ people possibly be supported by a third or more of our youth? It shows the degree to which our institutions have failed us. 

Despite these pockets of support for Hamas, however, the president was speaking for the overwhelming majority of Americans of both parties on Thursday night who believe Hamas is nothing more than a terrorist group bent on destroying Jews and Israel. They believe in the president’s clear and unambiguous stands.

In a country that has been so divided for so many years, Israel and Ukraine are issues around which majorities of both parties can reasonably coalesce. 

Of course, that will require one more thing: a functioning Congress


Mark J. Penn is the chairman and CEO of Stagwell Inc. and chairman of the Harris Poll. He is a Fox News contributor.


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