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What does Biden have to hide on the border?

The crisis at the southern border continues to grow. I’m sure you’ve seen the grim statistics. More than 6.2 million migrants have illegally crossed the southern border since President Biden took office. On top of that, at least 1.5 million “gotaways” evaded law enforcement entirely. Detention facilities are beyond capacity, the immigration court backlog has skyrocketed, and deportations are at the lowest level in decades. When I visited Texas’ southern border last week, it was clear that Border Patrol agents are exhausted, discouraged, and frustrated beyond measure. It’s easy to see why.

While these data points highlight the chaos that President Biden’s failed border policies created, they only tell part of the story.

This administration’s goal has never been to fix the border crisis but to simply hide the evidence. To that end, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has tried to “legalize” illegal immigration by funneling migrants into unlawful release – or as they say in immigration law jargon, “parole” – programs it created, and we have no idea how many or what kind of people are entering the United States through this boondoggle.

So far, my bill has more than 20 Republican co-sponsors. This is a simple, straightforward measure that would ensure the American people have an accurate picture of President Biden’s border policies.

If the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress believe these release programs and DHS’s handling of migrants apprehended at the border are above board, they should have nothing to hide.


Republican John Cornyn represents Texas in the United States Senate where he serves on the Judiciary Committee. He is a former state attorney general.


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