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Beware of Biden’s Israel, Ukraine blank check request

President Joe Biden’s Oval Office speech to the nation last Thursday was a continuation of his confused and incoherent approach to national policy.

The border remains open during a fentanyl epidemic. Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and he imposes climate policies which make everything more expensive. The world is getting more dangerous, and he focuses on imposing social change on our military.

President Biden proved in Afghanistan that he can make disastrous errors of judgment with cataclysmic consequences. Biden’s blunder led to the collapse of an ally, the largest abandonment of American equipment in history, and the tragic conquest of the Afghans. Every day, Afghan women – who feared and resisted the Taliban for 19 years – are having their hard-won freedom ripped away.

We should immediately pass an effective package for Israel, and then develop a rational reform package for Ukraine.

After his consistent failures, Biden must not get a blank check for Israel or Ukraine.


Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995-1999 and a candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. He is chairman of Gingrich 360.


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