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Banned Books Week isn’t real. It’s just propaganda for leftist librarians

Want government censors to tell you what to read? Look no further than librarians from the American Library Association and their specific list of “banned books” carefully curated to preserve your “freedom to read.”  

That’s right — read exactly these books and don’t question the authority of the librarians or else you’re not free. Indeed, our very democracy is at stake if you question a librarian’s book selection.  

Pay no mind to the ALA library policy that “establishes a process by which individuals may share their concerns about library resources in a discussion with a librarian or, if their concerns are unresolved, invoke a formal reconsideration process.” That’s just how ALA librarians track the challenges to their authority, and remember, the librarians are on your side so don’t cross them.  

We need your children to support ALA’s perfectly honest fundraising campaign led by a self-described Marxist lesbian who wants to turn libraries into “sites of socialist organizing.”  

Don’t question “banned books.” Just read them. They’re good for your kids. The librarians said so.  


Nicole Solas is a senior fellow with Independent Women’s Forum Education Freedom Center and a Rhode Island mother.


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