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America, we’ve got a real problem with aging leaders. Here are 3 things we should insist on in election season

As America’s political landscape continues to evolve ahead of the 2024 elections, there’s one critical concern that keeps coming up among citizens and observers: the advanced age of our country’s top leaders.   

Our country will elect a new president and either reelect members of Congress or decide to toss them out. It’s clear to most Americans that we are being led by an entrenched political class. Many lawmakers have served in public office for decades. This situation puts our country at risk for stagnation and a disconnect from the evolving needs of the populace. It also leaves leaders in Congress and the White House at risk for possible potential physical and cognitive decline at the highest levels of government.  

In the last year, the country has witnessed frequent gaffes, stumbles, momentary lapses, and other concerning signs of possible decline in several of its political leaders including President Joe Biden (age 80), Sen. Dianne Feinstein (age 90), and Sen. Mitch McConnell (age 81). 

Voters have the right to know about the well-being of those seeking public office, as their decisions and actions can have a profound impact on American lives and the future of the nation. 

Transparency in this regard fosters trust, accountability, and the assurance that elected leaders can fulfill their duties effectively. By advocating for and upholding rigorous standards of transparency of political candidates, it can ensure a more informed and responsible electoral process, ultimately strengthening the foundations of the democratic system. 


Nicole Saphier, M.D., is a board certified radiologist with advanced fellowship training in breast imaging, Fox News medical contributor and bestselling author of “Make America Healthy Again” and “Panic Attack: Playing Politics with Science in the Fight Against COVID-19.” Follow her on Twitter @NBSaphierMD and Instagram @nicolesaphier_md.


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