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The 3 worst media fails of the Israel-Hamas war… so far

It is said that in war, truth is the first casualty. That’s a statement so profound that even the truth of the quote’s author is much debated. Truth has been hard to find in the more than two weeks since Hamas terrorists launched a rape, kidnapping and murder pogrom against Israel.

Our so-called neutral, legacy media have gone out of their way to both-sides the aftermath of the attack. Blaming both sides for “war crimes” or raising repeated questions about the level of barbarism in the assault. And the media allowed blatant antisemites to cover it, even one who celebrated Adolf Hitler.

This real-time version of Holocaust denial was so bad that Israel organized a screening of the videos posted by the murderous monsters of Hamas. The Atlantic commendably called the result, “A Record of Pure, Predatory Sadism.” 

Split image of hospital and New York Times building

The New York Times admitted “editors should have taken more care with the initial presentation” of the explosion that occurred at a Gaza hospital last week after the paper “relied too heavily on claims by Hamas.” (Daniel Slim/AFP | Dawood Nemer/AFP via Getty Images)

The New York Times, which has embarrassed itself and put Jewish people at risk around the world with its coverage, decided to use a neutral headline this time: “Israel Shares Raw Footage of the Oct. 7 Attacks.” That headline has all the emotion of, “Israel Unveils New Falafel Stand.”

MSNBC host Ali Velshi referred to Israel’s actions as “collective punishment of the Gazans.” One wonders how he would have covered the allied invasion of Germany and demanded that Germany be sent food, medicine and connected to a power grid. Velshi continued, “Now, this is important to remember: that is a war crime. You cannot punish a Gazan child or a Russian child for the invasion of Ukraine. You cannot do that. That is against the Geneva Convention. It’s against the law.”

I could go on for another 300,000 or so words, but it wouldn’t get any better. Michelle Goldberg wrote a column for the Times claiming, “It Is Impossible to Know What to Believe in This Hideous War.” One thing is certain, don’t believe the legacy media. Start there. 


Dan Gainor is a freelance opinion editor for Fox News Digital.


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