Megan Fox confesses what plastic surgery she's had and the 'paranoia' that keeps her from getting more

Megan Fox spilled her plastic surgery secrets and revealed the reason she hasn’t done more.

The “Transformers” star confessed she’s had three breast augmentations — one in her 20s, one after she stopped breastfeeding her kids and one recently to fix “rippling.” Fox also copped to having her nose done, but not as many times as everyone thinks.

The 37-year-old noted the amount of plastic surgery is low because she’s “afraid” of dying under general anesthesia.

“I don’t like surgery. My body does not react well to general anesthesia,” Fox told Alexandra Cooper on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “And so when I go to have a surgery, it’s a very big deal. And … all my doctors have to meet with me before and have to tell me if they’ve seen any omens, if they saw any owls, crows, if anyone stepped on a spider.


Megan Fox opened up about the plastic surgery she’s had in a new interview. (Getty Images)

“My doctors have to go through this with me because I’m very afraid of dying under general anesthesia,” the actress continued. “So, I don’t take surgery lightly, and therefore I have not had many of them because of that. So, that’s probably a saving grace that I have this paranoia or this fear, because God knows what I would have been up to.”

The actress also noted the “music playlist” for the doctors is important, and there can’t be any songs that might remind the surgeons of an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.

“You need to be in a good headspace,” Fox explained. “If you have a fight with your wife, do not come in for surgery. I go through all of these protocols.”


Megan Fox has gone under the knife for three breast augmentations. (Getty Images)

The mother of three said she chose to go bigger with her last breast augmentation since she was going to be under general anesthesia.

“I was like, ‘I better wake up with the biggest boobs you can fit in my body.’ And that is what he said he did,” Fox revealed. “And they’re not even that big. They’re a 32D, which is not that big. They just look big on my body because my body is tiny.”

Fox also emphasized she hasn’t had any work done on her nose since her 20s.

“It’s been well over a decade,” she insisted. “I haven’t. I have not touched my nose since then.”

While dishing on all things plastic surgery, the actress chose to keep one procedure secret.

“There’s one thing I had done that I’m gatekeeping because. … Sorry,” Fox said. “It was really good. And it’s not a known, like plastic surgery. People don’t even really know about it.”

Megan Fox revealed she hasn’t had any more work done on her nose since she got a nose job in her 20s. (Kevin Mazur)


Fox also spoke about the plastic surgery she hasn’t had done, which included “any kind” of face lift or brow lift, threads, buccal fat removal, liposuction and body contouring.

“I’ll never have any fat removed,” she explained. “I’m a very, like, lean person that doesn’t have enough body fat or fat in my face. So, I will only ever put fat in. I will never be taking fat out.”

The “Jennifer’s Body” star hasn’t had any work done to her backside either. However, she did explain what would have to happen for her to consider getting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

“If I could, I would,” she noted. “I don’t have the extra body fat.

Megan Fox said she’d likely get a Brazilian butt lift if she could use “donated fat.” (Getty Images)

“I would be like, ‘If I’m going to survive that surgery, you’re going to give me an ass that’s like an anomaly.’ Like … I’m going to walk through a park, and I’m going to turn around and everyone is going to be whispering and laughing and talking because they’re like, ‘What are we looking at?’ Like circus freak.”

Fox isn’t interested in having smaller butt implants that make her look like she’s been “hitting the gym” or doing “extra squats.”

“It’s got to stop people in their tracks,” Fox added. “But I don’t have the body fat to do that, so that’s never going to happen. But … when in the future you can take donated fat from people, I will be doing that, and you will be seeing this situation.”

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