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Yale newspaper censors piece by pro-Israel writer: ‘Unsubstantiated claims that Hamas raped women’

Yale Daily News (YDN), the independent student newspaper and oldest college daily in the country, issued an editor’s note on a pro-Israel column over claims it made “unsubstantiated claims that Hamas raped women.”

An Oct. 12 column by Yale student Sahar Tarak titled, “Is Yalies4Palestine a hage group?” was hit with an editor’s note on Oct. 25, reading, “This column has been edited to remove unsubstantiated claims that Hamas raped women and beheaded men.” 

Yalies4Palestine is a student group that describes itself as “organizing Yale’s campus community to support the human rights and freedom of the Palestinian people” on its Instagram page.

The piece by Tartak still contains lines about beheadings by Hamas and condemning the “barbarism” that was carried out by “terrorists from Gaza who seemed intent on killing as many Jews as possible.”

Fox News’ Greg Wehner contributed to this report. 

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