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White House berated for posting photo of US troops in Israel: ‘They doxxed our own special forces’

The White House took serious heat on social media Thursday for posting an image of President Biden meeting with U.S. troops in Israel without obscuring their identities.

Though the White House account deleted the photo soon after sharing it on Instagram, X users ripped Biden’s team for the dangerous mistake, accusing the administration of “compromising” the troops’ identities while they were in Israel defending U.S. interests in wake of Hamas’ terrorist attack on the U.S. allied country. 

Journalist Sam Shoemate shared an edited image of the post X, claiming that the White House shared it without obscuring the faces of what appeared to be special forces on Wednesday night.

He wrote, “The Whitehouse media team shared this picture last night (I added the black boxes) without blurring or censoring the faces of the ‘Delta Force’ (CAG) operator’s faces. They deleted it an hour later after hundreds of thousands had already viewed it. This is a massive failure on the Biden admin.”

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Gabriel Hays is an associate editor for Fox News Digital. 


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