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HomemediaVirginia high school suffers 7 opioid-related overdoses in 3 weeks

Virginia high school suffers 7 opioid-related overdoses in 3 weeks

Seven students from the same high school in Loudoun, Virginia, overdosed in the past three weeks, according to the county sheriff’s office Tuesday. 

“The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is investigating at least eight opioid-related overdoses of Park View High School students, seven of which have been reported in the past three weeks,” the sheriff’s office said in a press release. “Four of the overdoses occurred in the school, and of these, three required the administration of Narcan, and two of those required CPR by school personnel.”

The sheriff’s office added that “All the overdoses appear to involve fentanyl, which is commonly found in the form of a counterfeit 30 mg oxycodone pill that is blue, circular, and may be stamped ‘M30.’”

“We know the overwhelming number of Park View students are responsible and care about the safety of their school, and we are putting all available resources into identifying who is responsible for distributing these lethal drugs,” Sheriff Mike Chapman said. “We have also encouraged LCPS to continue its communications with the Park View community and have offered our assistance with additional educational and security measures.”

The opioid crisis has been devastating communities across the country for years. In order to combat it, some states are providing Narcan to college students. 

Narcan, which is the brand name for naloxone, reverses the effects of opioids.

New York passed a law that requires all public universities to have Narcan in student housing facilities. California also provides Narcan to college students. 

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