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‘The View’ co-host upset by Biden’s age ‘narrative’: ‘He ain’t dying anytime soon’

“The View” co-host Ana Navarro claimed on Monday that concerns over President Biden’s age were a narrative created to “cause panic” and declared that he wasn’t going to die “anytime soon.”

The co-hosts discussed Vice President Kamala Harris’ interview with CBS’ Margaret Brennan and her assertion that she was ready to step in amid concerns over the president’s age. 

“This is what Republicans have against Biden because this administration has really gotten a ton of very difficult bipartisan legislation through in a divided Congress with a very difficult Senate makeup of 50/50,” Navarro said. “Bipartisan infrastructure bill, bipartisan safe communities act, first major gun legislation in decades, U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, bipartisan climate health care and tax package, the Fiscal Responsibility Act, and the list is long.” 

“What do they need to focus on?” she added. “They need to focus on the undeniable, and Joe Biden is old. That’s a narrative that has been created to cause panic in people, and what’s the second part of that narrative? Joe Biden is old and Kamala Harris is unprepared.”

Harris insisted that Biden and her would win re-election, adding there is “too much at stake.” 

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Hanna Panreck is an associate editor at Fox News.


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