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Snapchat expands into AI with ‘Dreams’ tool: Tech frontiers ‘are messy places,’ expert warns

Snapchat’s newest artificial intelligence (A.I.) tool is reaffirming to users that if you can dream it, you can do it.

“We’ll see if people think this is super fun and great and a rather light-hearted use of the technology. Or if people go: that’s weird or that’s creepy, or I don’t see any use for that,” Jessica Melugin, director of the Center for Technology & Innovation at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Fox News Digital. 

“If there’s anything beyond fun and silly and goofy to it,” she continued, “they’re about to find out.”

Last week, the social platform rolled out its new generative A.I.-powered feature called Dreams in Australia and New Zealand, giving users the ability to edit selfies and create “fantastical images that transform their persona into new identities,” according to a Snapchat statement given to Digital.

Snapchat has not immediately responded to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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And for parents and young Snapchatters who are curious and excited about the Dreams feature, Melugin put emphasis on doing your own research before using it.

“If you can find things that are a creative outlet that bring you joy, let’s do it,” the tech expert said. “If you talk to especially young people on social media, again, there can be downsides to it, but there can also be communities of people they wouldn’t have access to otherwise that have been great comforts to them and inspiration to them. There’s so much good that happens online, too.”


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