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SEAN HANNITY: The world is imploding, US more divided than ever under Biden

FOX News host Sean Hannity breaks down the state of the world under President Joe Biden. Hannity shows how Biden broke his promises to unite the country, lower temperatures and keep the border secure. 


Now to the Democrats watching this program tonight. The ones that voted for Joe Biden. I ask you tonight, are you happy? Are we not better than this? Is this what you wanted? Is this what it looks like when, quote, the adults are back in charge? Because in 2021, it was Joe Biden who promised to lower the temperature, unite the country. He said our borders were closed and secure. They have lied to us again and again and again. But after three years of nothing but weakness, lying, dishonesty, confusion from a guy, frankly, that can barely speak or walk. The world is imploding and America is even more divided than ever. Weakness always invites this kind of chaos. But don’t worry. Because, according to his brilliant Vice President, Joe Biden, is alive and running for reelection. He’s actually alive. What a standard.

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This article was written by Fox News staff.


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