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SEAN HANNITY: The People’s House is now officially back in business

FOX News host Sean Hannity details Mike Johnson’s “strong” conservative track record after Republicans unanimously elected him as the next Speaker of the House in Wednesday’s opening monologue. 


Now, tonight, without a doubt, there are a lot of very serious challenges that Speaker Mike Johnson will need to address. This caucus needs to learn a lesson. They will win together or they will lose together. There’s not going to be some winners and some losers in the Republican Party. And the American people win if they win because conservative values are far superior to the left and their radical New Green Deal climate alarmists cult agenda of radical socialism. But perhaps none more pressing than the chaos and the violence that is unfolding in the Middle East. In large part, I would argue, part of our problem in the Middle East is because of your President, Joe Biden. Our country is now sleepwalking into potentially another major war. 

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This article was written by Fox News staff.


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