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HomemediaScholastic fires back after backlash to diversity 'opt out' at book fairs:...

Scholastic fires back after backlash to diversity ‘opt out’ at book fairs: An ‘almost impossible dilemma’

Scholastic is facing backlash over their new decision to move some books dealing with LGBTQ and race issues into an optional book collection for school book fairs at elementary schools around the country this year.

USA Today reported several librarians and best-selling authors condemned Scholastic on social media, accusing them of caving to political pressure with the “opt out.” One middle school librarian in Louisiana even threatened to cancel the annual book fair over the controversy.

Writer and Scholastic employee Olivia Wolfgang-Smith called her employer’s decision, “cowardly, demoralizing, and harmful” in a post on X.

PEN America also said in a statement that they were dismayed by the move, and urged Scholastic to explore other options to avoid “being an accessory to government censorship.”

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Scholastic said it remained committed to providing the diverse books to all schools. (In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images)

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