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Homemedia'Schitt's Creek' star apologizes for 'ignorant' Johnny Depp trial Halloween costume: 'I...

‘Schitt’s Creek’ star apologizes for ‘ignorant’ Johnny Depp trial Halloween costume: ‘I am… ashamed’

Actress Emily Hampshire said she feels ashamed after donning what she called a “thoughtless” and “ignorant” Halloween costume that made light of one of last year’s most talked about celebrity trials.

Hampshire, who for six seasons starred on “Schitt’s Creek” as the deadpan motel worker Stevie Budd, dressed up as Johnny Depp for Halloween alongside a friend who dressed as Amber Heard. Their costumes referenced the former couple’s nasty court battle that spanned seven weeks in the Fairfax County Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, last summer in which both sides traded abuse allegations.

Hampshire regretted her Halloween costume, calling it “insensitive” for appearing to make light of domestic abuse.

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