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Satanists condemn leader, demand he reaffirm trans rights after taking photo with anti-woke atheist

The Satanic Temple’s foremost spokesman has reportedly faced internal backlash after he posed for a photograph with an atheist activist who condemned “crazy woke sh–“ among LGBTQ+ activism.

The Satanic Temple (TST) co-founder and spokesperson Lucien Greaves has a history as a provocateur against Christianity in public life, but now is reportedly facing uproar from members of his own religion. In June, Greaves had appeared in a photo with former American Atheists president David Silverman, who thanked him in a tweet for a “great tour” and declared, “Great to see you again and thanks as always for your activism!”

“[I]n the small world of radical atheist activism, the image was instantly divisive,” The Atlantic’s Helen Lewis reported in a piece about TST’s leadership feud. “Silverman had been pushed out of American Atheists several years earlier amid accusations of sexual misconduct, which he denied, and he had drawn criticism more recently for arguing that it wasn’t transphobic to say, in reference to transgender rights, ‘[live] your life as you see fit, but stay out of women’s showers and don’t groom kids.’”

Silverman, who frequently shares posts from trans ideology-skeptic organization Gays Against Groomers and whose current bio describes him as “Ex-Left ex-woke,” responded to the backlash at the time by arguing, “Lol. I’ve been a civil rights activist in support of trans people for 25 years, since before anyone was looking. I also love my trans kid unconditionally.” Silverman went on to say, with ostensible sarcasm, “But sure. I disagree with some of the more crazy woke sh– so I’m in the same category as those who throw trans kids out. Maybe read a book and do some research.”

Lucien Greaves and trans rights protestor

Lucien Greaves spent years protesting Christianity’s role in American public life, now he is being targeted for failing to cater enough to the political demands of groups in the modern Satanist community. (Lucien photo by Josh Reynolds for The Washington Post via Getty Images, Trans rights protestor photo by Leonard Ortiz/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images )

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