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Rogan and Green Beret warn students are being ‘indoctrinated’ and ‘radicalized’ to hate America, Israel

Podcaster Joe Rogan spoke with Green Beret Tim Kennedy on Wednesday about how radicalization in American schools can lead to students sympathizing with terrorists in Gaza.

On October 7, Hamas launched a multi-pronged terror attack on Israeli army bases, civilian communities and a music festival that led to at least 1,400 deaths and 240 kidnappings in Israel. While many were initially horrified by the events, soon after, teachers and students in American schools started expressing support for Hamas and antagonizing Jewish students on campus.

Kennedy, a Master Sergeant with the US Army Green Berets and a Special Forces sniper with multiple combat deployments, spoke to Rogan about the conflict and the reaction to it from American citizens, mocking how some are referring to Hamas terrorists as “freedom fighters.” He argued instead that they are “barbaric murderers and absolute terrorists” that want nothing aside from “genocide.”

Kennedy noted he has started his own organizations to circumvent the “public school problem,” because the current system has “indoctrinated this entire generation to hate America.”

Rogan and Kennedy

Joe Rogan spoke to UFC Fighter, Ranger, sniper, and Special Forces Operator Tim Kennedy on Wednesday. (Spotify)

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