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HomemediaReporter condemns antisemitism on college campuses, demands school administrators speak out

Reporter condemns antisemitism on college campuses, demands school administrators speak out

CNN senior global affairs analyst Bianna Golodryga called out leadership at colleges and universities on Tuesday for refusing to condemn antisemitism on college campuses, calling their behavior unacceptable. 

“Shame on these university heads and leadership at these schools from all over the country,” Golodryga said on “CNN This Morning.” Co-host Phil Mattingly asked her why school leaders were afraid to speak out “unequivocally” about antisemitism on college campuses.  

“I don’t know, there are plenty of other issues they felt they can address head on and yet when it comes to the issue of antisemitism, there’s always this veiled, well, it’s complicated. It’s Israel. It’s Zionism. No it’s unadulterated antisemitism. And when you’re speaking out about Hamas murdering not just Israelis, they murdered Jews. You have to just say that outright,” she said.

“God bless the United States of America and I’m so happy to live in the U.S. as a Jew, but to have conversations with family members, with friends, with loved ones, what are you doing? Are you taking your mezuzah down? What are you talking to your college students about? It is unacceptable. Are we kidding ourselves? In 2023, there’s no other issue, whether they are social justice movement, anything else that we have looked forward as progressive citizens of the world that we haven’t addressed head on and yet this is the one issue we keep coming back to that we have to be, you know, sort of equivocal about here,” she said. 

Bianna Golodryga on CNN

CNN senior analyst Bianna Golodryga called out antisemitism on college campuses on Tuesday during an appearance on “CNN This Morning.”

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