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California voters reject reparations in new poll but advocate sees silver lining: ‘Policies are a solution’

Californians dealt a blow to the fight for reparations in the state after a new poll found a majority of voters are opposed to cash payments to the descendants of enslaved people. 

A UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) poll found 59% of voters oppose cash reparations, with 44% saying they are “strongly opposed.” Only 28% said they supported the idea.

Jesse Rhodes, a political science professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS) who also helps conduct national surveys of public opinion, told FOX News Digital that he wasn’t surprised by the results of the poll.

“We’ve consistently found that reparations at present do not enjoy majority support and that’s especially the case when respondents were asked about cash reparations as a form of reparations,” he said. “I think that there is a, kind of a tendency to believe that there will be greater support for reparations policies in more progressive states than in more conservative states. And, in general, I think that that’s true. However, today, the baseline of support for reparations is not particularly high.”

UC Berkeley/IGS poll results

A majority of registered California voters, 59%, oppose cash reparations to the descendants of enslaved people. ((Screenshot/Berkeley IGS))

Both Moore and Rhodes highlighted the length of the civil rights movement and how it took time for public opinion to change. 

“One poll is not going to stop the reparations movement, and it shouldn’t stop the California state legislature, Governor Newsom on the state level, or Congress, or the president on the federal level from doing the right thing,” Moore said. “Because leaders don’t necessarily do what’s popular all the time. They do what is right.” 

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Ashley Carnahan is a production assistant at Fox News Digital.


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