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HomemediaRep. Rashida Tlaib triples down on Hamas hospital narrative, casts doubt on...

Rep. Rashida Tlaib triples down on Hamas hospital narrative, casts doubt on findings from Biden admin

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., tripled down on the Hamas narrative that Israel was behind last week’s explosion at a Gaza hospital, something that had already been debunked by both Israeli and U.S. intelligence. 

“Media outlets and third-party analysts have raised doubts about claims and evidence offered by both Israel and the Gaza Ministry of Health, and I agree with the United Nations that an independent investigation is necessary,” Tlaib told Haaretz on Monday. “I cannot uncritically accept Israel’s denials of responsibility as fact, especially in light of confirmation from the World Health Organization that Israel has bombed numerous medical facilities in Gaza and reports from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society of ongoing threats from the Israeli military to evacuate hospital.”

She continued, “Both the Israeli and United States governments have long, documented histories of misleading the public about wars and war crimes – like last year’s Israeli military assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh and the false claims of weapons of mass destruction that led our country into the Iraq War – and cannot clear themselves of responsibility without an independent international investigation. This debate should not distract us from the urgent need for a ceasefire to save innocent civilian lives.” 

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