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Rep. Nancy Mace teases idea of being Trump’s VP as ‘intriguing’ after being fierce critic of ex-prez

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., did not rule out the possibility of being former President Trump’s running mate, calling the idea “intriguing” during her appearance Monday on “The Daily Show.”

Mace, whose name has been reportedly floated in Trump’s shortlist of potential vice presidential candidates, was pressed by “The Daily Show” guest host Charlamagne Tha God why she would take such a political gamble tying herself to the 45th president. 

“After seeing what happened to Mike Pence, someone who was once claimed ‘the future of the GOP’ by .S.E. Cupp, is being Trump’s running mate really worth it?” Charlamagne asked. 

“Well, I haven’t been asked yet and my focus is now on South Carolina as it always will be,” Mace responded. “And I understand why people might be talking about it. I do a lot from women’s issues and Republicans lost women last year but my focus today is as it always will be – I love the Lowcountry where you and I grew up in and that’s where my focus is.” 


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