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Relatives of loved ones killed, kidnapped by Hamas plead for help: ‘The world has to step up’

A distraught family member described on “FOX & Friends” Wednesday seeing videos of her relatives being taken from their home in southern Israel by Hamas. 

LeElle Slifer said she recognized her mother’s cousin, Kinneret, in a newly surfaced video of hostages whose hands were tied as they walked alongside Hamas terrorists. Additional video showed four lifeless bodies with physical characteristics matching the hostages.

“She texted us that morning. She was in the house with her husband, her daughter, her son, and her daughter-in-law and her little granddaughter, three years old. They were all there celebrating the holiday, and she said she was safe,” Slifer told host Steve Doocy, who was also overcome with emotion over what happened to the family. 

“Then we started seeing videos from the terrorists that she’d been taken, reports from her husband that their daughter was taken, their son, their daughter-in-law, their granddaughter… and we just kept searching for news, and we didn’t know for so many days.”

Family kidnapped by Hamas, relatives begging for their rescue Video

“The last text I got from him was 9:45 Saturday saying they were coming inside their house. Later, we also saw a video of them breaking inside my brother’s house,” she explained.

“I can’t think of anything else. They have to come back home. They have to join us again…” she added.

The death toll continues to climb in the harrowing days since war broke out Saturday. As of early Wednesday, nearly 2,100 have been killed on both sides of the conflict, including more than 1,200 in Israel.

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