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HomemediaProgressive activist launches presidential bid to protest Biden's stance on abortion

Progressive activist launches presidential bid to protest Biden’s stance on abortion

Progressive activist Terrisa Bukovinac has thrown a wrench into the mainstream media’s abortion narrative time after time and is now doing so in presidential proportions after launching a bid to unseat President Biden over his stance on the hot-button issue.

“President Biden is a collaborator in a genocide. He once stood for the dignity of unborn children and yet now, not only has he become complicit in all of this, he is the top promoter of late-term abortion in this nation and around the globe, and he’s not fit to lead,” she told FOX News Digital on Monday.

“In other elections, it’s felt like a choice between one [candidate] or the other. It’s never been that way,” she urged pro-life Democrats. “You do not have to give them aid. You don’t have to give aid to either candidate. But, this year, you have another option, and it is completely unacceptable under any conditions that we would give aid to a pro-choice Democrat. It is really Democrats who continue to give aid to these pro-choice candidates, even though they consider themselves pro-life, that are allowing this genocide to continue.”

The progressive activist, founder of Pro-Life San Francisco and Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), and former president of Democrats for Life of America, threw her hat in the ring last week to call attention to the issue and seek justice for the unborn.

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Thanks to the lack of representation for pro-life progressives, Bukovinac herself has been mischaracterized by the media for her stance on the issue, including one instance in which a Salon article blasted “Republican Karens” who espoused pro-life values. The article’s featured image, however, included her, a progressive Democrat. After FOX News Digital alerted Salon of the mistake last year, the outlet changed the image.

But life is bigger than politics, and she values her campaign as an opportunity to represent Democrats who oppose “abortion extremism” in the U.S. but have had no representation from party leadership for so long.

“The time to step up for the unborn is now. We have to move past our fears. Yes, the media is against us, law enforcement is against us. There’s so many reasons to feel like you don’t want to step up and be seen, but, if you don’t, this is going to continue,” she said.

“Through my campaign, we can actually give a voice to these children because every dollar that I spend on ads is going to be spent on ads with FCC TV stations in states where I am on the ballot. In those states, they must run my ads completely uncensored, and we have to show the American people what the abortion extremism emanating from the Democratic Party does to unborn children. Together, we can expose human rights atrocities that are happening in nondescript buildings across the nation.”

The Biden campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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FOX News’ Jamie Joseph contributed to this report.

Taylor Penley is an associate editor with Fox News.


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