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Population rate decline in the US triggers economic alarms from experts: ‘Calamitous effect’

Falling fertility rates in the United States will trigger a “calamitous effect” on the economy if it hasn’t already, experts told Fox News Digital.

According to CDC data, between 2007 and 2022, the U.S. birth rate fell by 22%. Not a single state reported an increase in birth rates, although some experienced a slower decline than others.

“The U.S. birth rate is steeply declining, mimicking the patterns of other developed nations worldwide, causing the global population to stop growing sometime this century. The U.S. and other developed nations dropped below the replacement rate in recent years, meaning we are not producing enough children to maintain the population, much less grow it,” demographic strategist Bradley Schurman explained to Fox News Digital. “Today, three-quarters of U.S. counties and half of the states have deaths outpacing births.”

Stone offered simple ways that lawmakers could help encourage marriage and children, noting that the desire for larger families is on the rise.

He noted that for some people, “you lose a lot of benefits, it’s very unfeasible for you to marry another working person. We need to address that. We need to make it so that marriage doesn’t lead to a penalty from the government like it does for a lot of people. So addressing marriage penalties and addressing housing costs by aggressively building housing, both of those would have a signal impact on helping people have those kids that they say they want,” Stone said.

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