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Outraged Jewish student calls out NYU leadership over pro-Palestinian protests: ‘Need to draw the line’

A Jewish student at NYU spoke out against anti-Israel protests just days after pro-Palestinian professors and students took over the library demanding a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war. 

Nathan, a senior at the private New York City university, said the anti-Israel demonstrations have “scared” students on campus and have made them feel “unheard” within their community during “FOX & Friends.”

“It makes us feel scared,” Nathan told Steve Doocy Monday. 

“It makes us feel scared to go to class. Scared to wear a Jewish star out in public… A campus that really promotes diversity and inclusion. Right now, about 15% of their population feels alienated. They feel unvoiced. They feel unheard.”

“What we’re seeing now with the rhetoric post-October 7th, is that these are radicalized students who want Jews dead,” former New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin said during “FOX & Friends” Monday. “They are celebrating what Hamas did to innocent Israelis, beheading babies and raping women and holding innocent Americans and Israeli hostages.” 

“The rhetoric that’s going with the protest, with the way that they’re dressing, they’re dressing up like a Palestinian, like a Hamas terrorist, so for these Jewish students, it’s more than just feeling the hate that they have unfortunately had to get used to over the past few years and decades, now it’s something where they’re actually fearing for their safety here,” he continued. “As Hamas calls for days of rage and action across the world, they’re starting to fear for their own safety. Maybe they might get targeted.”

Hamas is reportedly still holding more than 200 people hostage, at least 10 of them are Americans.

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