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Oliver North calls on DOJ to indict Hamas leaders for murdering Americans: Use Interpol to halt their travel

Ret. Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North laid out a multi-step plan for the United States to forcefully confront threats from Iran and to support Israel as it battles back against Hamas terror.

North told FOX News that Israel’s responsive attack plan toward the Palestinian terror group in Gaza is more sophisticated than the media might know.

In turn, he continued, the United States must take its own series of actions to respond to the threat as U.S. servicemembers abroad have been injured on installations and Americans have been killed in the Hamas invasion.

“If they turn Hezbollah loose from their bases in Lebanon and Syria to attack Israel, it should not come as a surprise that Iranian-built missiles, whether they’re fired from Iran or from Lebanon or from, God forbid, Gaza, that they will soon be firing at U.S. naval assets in the Mediterranean,” North said.

North also called on President Biden to announce by Saturday that he has reinstituted all existing sanctions against the Raisi regime.

Lt. Col. Oliver North: We need to stand with any NATO country that's attacked Video

“We are still the ‘Great Satan’ [to Iran]. The ‘Little Satan’ is the Israel that they want to destroy first. That’s number one,” he added.

“We have allowed, particularly since the Obama administration and now certainly in this administration, the Iranians to get away with all kinds of terrible things.”

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