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NY Jews fear for community after deli defaced with swastika: ‘Pandora’s box of hell has been unleashed’

An iconic kosher deli in New York City’s Upper East Side remains defiant after the side of the building housing the eatery was defaced with a swastika earlier this week in another unnerving display of antisemitism.

“I feel like this war has brought out antisemitism’s ugly head. It was always there. It was quelled, but the Pandora’s box of hell has been unleashed,” one diner at 2nd Ave Deli told FOX News’ Lawrence Jones Thursday.

“You feel it on the streets. You see it around people, you see it around college campuses, and you feel it. And people aren’t standing up and people aren’t speaking enough, and that’s what we need to do. We need to stand up. We need to speak up. It’s wrong. You can’t deny it.”

Jones mingled with the diners after the antisemitic vandalism took place, hearing their concerns and thoughts on anti-Israel demonstrations.

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Taylor Penley is an associate editor with Fox News.


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