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Nikki Haley tells Charlamagne Tha God why she doesn’t embrace identity politics, despite minority status

“The Daily Show” guest host Charlamagne Tha God spoke with Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley on why she doesn’t embrace what he calls the “identity politics game” like Democrats have in recent years.

There was a big emphasis on demographic diversity of the Democratic field during the 2020 election cycle. Similarly this year, there is a historically diverse field of candidates running in the GOP primary, Haley among them. She is vying to become the first female presidential nominee in GOP history, in addition to being the first female president.

“Why don’t you play the identity politics game, though?” Charlamagne asked Haley on Wednesday. “Because that’s something Democrats like to do. They always talk about how diverse they are. Why don’t you get into the identity politics game and play up being Indian more? Because a lot of voters just think you’re a White woman.”


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