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Nazi Germany survivor reacts to Hamas attack, surge in antisemitism: This is exactly what happened in 1938

Israel remains caught in an escalating war, garnering international attention and sparking outrage from both Israeli and Palestinian supporters since the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7.

While the Biden administration has condemned the actions from Hamas and maintained U.S. support for Israel, pro-Hamas protests have erupted across the nation.

One survivor of Nazi Germany spoke out about the recent surge in antisemitic rhetoric and activity Saturday on “FOX & Friends Weekend,” warning antisemitism is “getting worse” in countries like the United States.

Ganz said what happened on Oct. 7 shares similarities with Nazi Germany

“It really upset me when I saw on Oct. 7, what they did as far as the people that died and also the buildings that were then destroyed,” he told co-host Pete Hegseth. “This is exactly the same thing that happened in Germany in 1938.”

People stand outside a shop

A group of people stand outside a Jewish-owned shop in an unnamed German town in November 1938, after the Kristallnacht. (AP Photos) ((AP Photos))

Ganz wasn’t yet a teenager when he escaped Nazi Germany, but before he left, he witnessed Kristallnacht, the two-day pogrom in November 1938.

“When I came home from the school on Nov. 9, my mother was waiting for me at the train station… which was not the usual. I usually walked a short distance back home from the train station,” Ganz said. “She had a banana with her, which was strange also. She gave me the banana so that I would not be terrified of what I was going to see.”

“As we walked home, I saw glass on the street and in our front yard. All of our windows were broken, and as I walked inside the house, I saw that the Nazi youth, the Hitler Youth and the Nazi youth, with a hatchet tore up all of our sofas, our chairs, smashed the pictures on the walls and did a lot of damage downstairs. Upstairs in our bedrooms, our bedrooms were heated by coal-fired, burning ovens. These were ripped from the foundation and thrown on to the beds. I’ll never forget that sight as long as I live.”

“The thread line from the Gestapo to Hamas is clear and is something the Jewish people have had to fight back against and will continue to, and you’re a living testament to it,” Hegseth said.

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