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HomemediaMuslim dad says Maryland schools engaged in ‘clear indoctrination,’ calls White supremacist...

Muslim dad says Maryland schools engaged in ‘clear indoctrination,’ calls White supremacist claim ‘ridiculous’

A Muslim father in Maryland says Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is holding religious students “hostage” by refusing to allow parents to opt children out of controversial content related to gender.

Kareem Monib, 45, is the father of four sons and has lived in Maryland for 20 years. In March, he became actively involved in the local community after the Maryland House of Delegates voted to use state funding for “gender-affirming treatments,” a term that Monib described as “gender-mutilating surgery.”

“I was following that, and I was very concerned about what was happening in the country on this issue and the spread of gender ideology and the impact that that was having on kids,” he said.

One month later, he co-founded a new organization, the Coalition of Virtue, alongside his wife and friends. The organization of American Muslims works strategically with members of other faith communities to “promote virtue in society,” grounded in Islamic tradition.

The Coalition of Virtue is working with faith communities to find new candidates for the Board of Education. People who have never been politically active are starting to speak up, according to Monib. They plan to expand beyond Maryland and set up religious councils while organizing parents nationwide.

“This issue touches on the two most important things in our lives: our religion and our children. You can’t name anything more important to Muslims, Catholics, Ethiopian Orthodox, Orthodox Jews, all these faith communities. There’s no single issue which is more important because we’re talking about the transmission of their religion to their children,” he added.

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