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HomemediaMurdered Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger ‘was a cheerleader' for the city, former...

Murdered Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger ‘was a cheerleader’ for the city, former colleague says

Philadelphia-based journalist Josh Kruger, who was shot and killed inside his home on Monday, tragically died in the city he both covered and for which he fiercely advocated. 

Randy LoBasso, who previously worked with Kruger during a stint with alternative outlet Philadelphia Weekly, said Kruger was upfront about his earlier struggles, including being homeless, testing positive for HIV and substance abuse, before joining the publication in 2013. Even after leaving journalism himself, LoBasso observed with admiration how his friend who had been brought low by his past problems had continued to craft his trade as a writer.

“He had so many life experiences that he was willing to reflect on,” LoBasso told Fox News Digital. “He was able to tell his audience about the experiences that he had, and he was able to talk about other issues through the lens of his own experience.”

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