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HomemediaMoms skewer 'Gender Queer' author claiming book is not for children, say...

Moms skewer ‘Gender Queer’ author claiming book is not for children, say it’s ‘pornography for kids’

Some parents aren’t buying “Gender Queer” author Maia Kobabe declaring, “I don’t recommend this book for kids!”

Last week, Sen. John Kennedy’s, R-La., read an explicit passage from “Gender Queer” at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that went viral. After the attention Kennedy brought to the graphic novel, Kobabe told The Washington Post Thursday it was not recommended for “kids.” 

Nicole Neily from Parents Defending Education pointed out that, in fact, parents have been complaining the book is available to children in schools all over the U.S.

“‘Gender Queer’ has been a cause of concern in dozens of districts across the country. Countless parents have tried to do what Sen. Kennedy did – simply read excerpts from the book in order to underscore that the content is unsuitable for very young ages. In response, school boards have cut the microphones of speakers, citing FCC obscenity laws or the fact that children may be watching – driving home the issue of age-appropriateness,” said Neily, who also testified at the Senate hearing. 

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Hannah Grossman is a Reporter at Fox News Digital.


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