Monday, April 22, 2024
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Minnesota Muslim leaders vow to ‘abandon’ Biden over his Israel support: ‘Anger is not going to go away’

Muslim leaders in Minnesota pledged to “abandon” President Biden in 2024, as more media reports show he’s facing backlash from Muslim Americans across the U.S. over his support for Israel in its war with terrorist group Hamas.

The president was greeted with three protests during his visit to Minnesota on Wednesday, organized by prominent Muslim advocacy group the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Minnesota CAIR leader Jaylani Hussein told NBC News they would not stand by the president any longer because the community felt abandoned by his administration.

“We are going to abandon Biden because he has abandoned us,” Hussein said. “I don’t think that this is a rash emotional decision by the American Muslim community. It is a foregone conclusion. … The anger is not going to go away. We don’t have short memories.”

Protesters held Palestinian flags and signs demanding a ceasefire in Gaza at three locations Biden visited in the state on Wednesday.

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Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie contributed to this report.

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