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HomemediaRep. Waltz torches Biden over 'Grand Canyon-sized gulf' with military commanders

Rep. Waltz torches Biden over ‘Grand Canyon-sized gulf’ with military commanders

Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., torched President Joe Biden over his disconnection with military leaders during an interview on “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday, calling the gap a “Grand Canyon-sized gulf.”

His remarks come after top generals, Mark Milley, Kenneth McKenzie, and Lloyd Austin testified on Capitol Hill, contradicting the commander-in-chief, over the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

“I’ve never seen a Grand Canyon-size gulf between the commander in chief and his generals as we’re seeing unfold, and I think you’ll see it today with the House Armed Services Committee,” Waltz predicted. 

“We had Biden say on national television he wasn’t advised, nobody told him to leave troops.”


The Biden administration came under fire on Tuesday after Gen. Milley and Gen. McKenzie said they recommended 2,500 troops stay in Afghanistan despite Biden’s claim he has no recollection of the advice. 

“He ignored military advice, he’s ignoring Congress, and he’s ignoring the American people who do not think that this was the big resounding success that he does,” Waltz told hosts Todd Piro and Jillian Mele. 

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“I think the biggest thing is Biden standing before the nation and saying this was a huge success, record airlift,” said Waltz. “Well, I can guarantee you the Americans left behind that are still there don’t think it’s a success.”

There are still Americans and U.S. allies stranded in Afghanistan, now weeks after the exit took place, although it remains unclear exactly how many people are still trapped. 

Private groups, including many veterans groups, have been leading the charge in helping both Americans and U.S. allies escape the Taliban-controlled nation. 

“I was just yesterday dealing with an 80-year-old American couple who are still stuck there and we’re trying to get out across a border,” said Waltz. “So I don’t know, again, if he’s clueless, heartless or what’s going on in the White House.”

Bailee Hill is an associate editor with Fox News Digital.


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