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Texas sheriff bracing for new surge of migrants: ‘We’re at the point where we just throw our hands up’

As Texas gears up for potentially the largest surge of illegal immigrants to date, Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West described the dire situation on “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday. 

“Our people, they’re exhausted, they’re tired, but they’re still plugging away,” West said, adding he’s never seen the situation as bad as it is currently.


A new wave of roughly 60,000 Haitian migrants is reportedly making its way to the southern border, as West argued the border crisis will only likely spread wider.

Well, we’re preparing for the worst. We’re expecting the worst. But, you know, it’s just the failure of the federal government was disappointing and people down here are getting tired of it.

“We believe that they’re going to expand throughout the whole southwest border and try to come across that way,” West said.

Texas migrant surge may be largest ever attempted in US Video

West also noted how residents of his community have been negatively impacted by the migrant surge. 

“They’re not happy with it at all,” West said. “I’ve got ranchers that have constantly been getting their fences cut, their homes getting broken into, you know, the cartels are in line with these people and usually people are exploiting these people to get their stuff across as well.

Without much assistance from the federal government, West said there is not much police can do.

“You know, we’re at the point now where we just throw our hands up and then let them come in I guess? I don’t know,” West said. 

“I mean, what can we do? We’re not getting any help from the federal government. Every time Border Patrol tries to step up, they tie their hands,” he added.

Sheriff West also shared some advice for the federal government.

“I wish they would let the Border Patrol secure the border like they need to and want to. … I wish they would quit enticing these people to come in.”

Chris Hindenach is a web video producer with Fox News Digital. 


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