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HomemediaRep. Gohmert demands freedom for jailed Marine; dubs military leadership ‘abysmal’

Rep. Gohmert demands freedom for jailed Marine; dubs military leadership ‘abysmal’

Lt. Col. Stu Scheller could be facing an extensive prison sentence for speaking out against the military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, is demanding freedom and fair treatment for the Marine.

Gohmert revealed on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that after his visit to Scheller in the Brig, the Marine officer seemed in good spirits and was surrounded by fellow service people who “actually like” him. But the issue lies in upper military leadership and their priorities.

“We discovered they had a psychological operation to try to turn social media against him,” he said. “It’s incredible. Instead of worrying about the well-being of their troops, they’re worried about how they’re doing on social media.”


“They’re more worried about their image in social media than they are in their troops that got killed in Afghanistan,” he went on. “It is really abysmal what this leadership of this military has turned into.”

Scheller himself shared the same sentiment in the viral video that got him in trouble. The Marine released his public statement on Aug. 27 expressing how he believes leadership should be held accountable for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which left 13 service members to “die in vain” and thousands of Americans and Afghan allies stranded.

Rep. Gohmert visits Marine jailed over Afghan withdrawal criticism Video

Instead of the military negotiating an honorable discharge for Scheller, the Marine’s parents on Friday said the Marine Corps aims to “burn our son.” Gohmert explained that even allowing Scheller to resign would be a punishment but military leadership is saying “that’s not enough.”

“This leadership thinks they’re going to stick it to Stu when they’re doing all kinds of damage,” he said. 

Gohmert suggested that this kind of lashing out from the military is causing future Marines and service members to think twice before enlisting.

“Look what they do to people [who] stand up,” he said. “They’re a bunch of cowards but look at what they do to somebody who does have courage.”

The congressman said Scheller’s incarceration will be reviewed throughout the next few days with hopes the military realizes “this is not the way to go.”

“You don’t want to be meaner than you treat the enemy,” he said.


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