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Parents of jailed Marine officer Scheller fight back: ‘They want to burn our son’

Decorated Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller has been jailed for speaking out against the military’s problematic withdrawal from Afghanistan and his parents are fighting to prevent their son from being buried for free speech.

Stu and Cathy Scheller joined “Fox News Primetime” on Friday to reveal that their son could be facing a lengthy prison sentence and pointed fingers at the Marine Corps for suggesting harsh punishment.

“They have kind of changed their disposition in the Marine Corps,” Stu Scheller said. “They’re digging in and they’d like to burn our son Lt. Col. Scheller.”


The officer released a video on Aug. 27 expressing how leadership should be held accountable for the withdrawal which left 13 military service members to “die in vain” and thousands of Americans and Afghan allies stranded.

Lt. Col. Scheller’s mother, Cathy Scheller, explained that her son knew he shouldn’t have spoken out but was torn between the “poor” ending to the war and keeping quiet.

Parents of jailed marine speak out on their son’s detainment Video

“My son is an exemplary Marine and he has been for 17 years,” she said. “He knew that everyone else felt the same way. He thought if he took the lead, others would stand up and call for accountability. They did not. So he is taking the full brunt himself.”

Even though her son “knew what he was doing,” Cathy Scheller said she doesn’t think her son ever expected to be facing time in prison.

Stu Scheller personally thanked all Americans who have stepped up to speak out against the injustices the lieutenant and his family have faced.

“You have found your voice. You have stood up,” he said. “You have contacted your congresspeople and they are writing and they are putting pressure on the Marine Corps, the Pentagon and we appreciate that.”

“It’s about America. We need to take America back.”


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