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New original Christmas movies airing on Fox Nation this Thanksgiving

Watching football on Thanksgiving – while an annual tradition for many families – isn’t for everyone. If you’re among the millions of Americans who’d rather skip the turkey altogether and sleigh-ride straight into Christmas, then change the channel and subscribe right now, because Christmas has come early on Fox Nation!

Last year, Fox Nation’s first original holiday movie, “Christmas in the Rockies,” which featured cameos from co-hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt, made its debut during Thanksgiving week. The streaming service is keeping the momentum going this year with the release of three new original films, all available now to watch on the platform:



Deep in the Rocky Mountains wilderness, Forest Ranger Buck Thompson unexpectedly comes across Geologist Jessica Alaway at what he thought was an abandoned ranger station. Despite an instant attraction, they find themselves at odds when he delivers the news that a powerful tech corporation took her research site out from under her. 

When lightning strikes – sparking a deadly wildfire at a nearby mining site – Jessica fails to hear the warnings, leaving her unknowingly in its path. Buck rushes to her aid, but, upon his arrival, the flames intensify – stranding them amongst the harsh conditions and cutting them off from the outside world. 

With Jessica a risk-taker and Buck more cautious, tensions begin to flare as they try to escape the blaze and reach safety. But in the face of danger, they form an unbreakable bond, quickly realizing that their only hope for survival is to come together – igniting a romance in the most unlikely of places.




New couple Buck and Jessica are now weeks away from their first Christmas together in the rugged Rocky Mountains when an avalanche hits. Duty calls for Buck, a forest ranger, but before he heads deep into the wilderness, they promise that nothing will get in the way of their holiday plans. 

As Christmas approaches, a terrible blizzard ruins any chance of Buck getting his plane in the air and back to Jessica. Determined to stay true to their word, they each decide to head out into the snow-capped forest by land to meet at a cozy little cabin. 

But their journeys through the untamed woods quickly turn into a battle for survival. 

Along each step of the way, unexpected obstacles emerge, and new dangers unfold as the wild takes them on a thrilling ride that tests their limits and the lengths they will go for their love.

Fox Nation's 'Christmas in the Pines' trailer Video



Ariel, a young up-and-coming writer, has something special in mind for Christmas this year. Instead of focusing on shopping lists and retail gifts, she’s determined to bring back the true meaning of the holiday: family. 

Just as she’s about to fulfill her dream of buying an idyllic cottage for her family, Ariel discovers the mysterious owner accepted two identical offers. Her competition, handsome architect Mark, has no intention of letting the cottage go. 

With neither backing away from the sale, it’s determined the first person to leave the property forfeits. 

As two strangers become unexpected roommates, they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to win. 

They each call in their families to come and help drive the other person out, but it quickly becomes apparent to all that Ariel and Mark may have more in common than meets the eye. 

With Christmas Day fast approaching, they both discover that their cozy holiday getaway isn’t the only thing that makes their heart skip a beat.

Subscribers can spend their Thanksgiving cuddled up with a wholesome holiday film – or three – starting today!

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Laura Carrione is an Editor with Fox News. 


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