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HomemediaJesse Watters: Biden's failures keep piling up

Jesse Watters: Biden’s failures keep piling up

Jesse Watters slammed Biden Saturday on “Watters’ World” for a plummeting approval rating as crises “keep piling up.”  

JESSE WATTERS: Welcome to Watters World, I’m Jesse Watters. The jig is up for Joe Biden. His credibility is shot. The president’s approval rating hitting a new low of 43% as his failures keep piling up. In Afghanistan, Joe left Americans behind. He’s covering this up, this whole hostage crisis, still taking orders from the Taliban. 

The commander in chief launching a hideous drone strike that hit the wrong target, killing kids instead of ISIS. Murders up everywhere, Biden’s crime plan failed. Inflation’s wiping out our wage gains. The recovery’s weak, and Biden hasn’t crushed COVID. He promised to unite us, but his mandates are dividing us. France pulled their ambassador, Russia hacked us to pieces, and OPEC told Joe to take a hike when he asked them to pump more oil. And now, even Biden’s beloved mainstream media is admitting there’s a problem. 

But that’s not all. The crisis at the border. Worse than ever before, and Biden’s blaming a broken system. Yeah, he broke it.


Jesse Watters: Biden's credibility crisis Video This article was written by Fox News staff.


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