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Ingraham: Marine punished for Afghanistan comments vs Milley’s lack of responsibility shows ‘double standard’

While Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller has been sent the brig for allegedly breaking the chain of command among other allegations after his social posts criticizing the Afghanistan withdrawal went viral, Gen. Mark Milley is the “truly guilty” one, Laura Ingraham argued in her Wednesday night monologue

“Before and after the election, he hopscotched over the commander-in-chief to coordinate with his Chinese counterpart,” she said on “The Ingraham Angle,” calling the two cases a “blatant double standard.” 

Milley testified this week that he wasn’t trying to usurp authority or insert himself in the chain of command when he allegedly held “secret” phone calls with Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army, in October 2020 and days after the Capitol riot in January 2021, according to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s book “Peril.” 

“Now, who deserves to be held accountable here?” Ingraham asked. “A Marine Corps officer with a stellar career, yet still risks his pension and benefits to tell the truth about our incompetent military leadership, or Milley, the incompetent leader whose own failure to speak out left 13 Americans dead?” She contended that Milley did try to usurp Trump’s authority because he “hated” him. 

She noted that Congressional Republicans agreed Milley and Scheller’s cases showed a clear double standard. 


“The public’s faith in our institutions continues to erode precisely because everyone in the D.C. bubble appears to have some sort of immunity from the basic standards the rest of America’s expected to live by,” Rep. Mark Johnson, R-La., said during a hearing Wednesday. 

Ingraham said Milley, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie all look like “football coaches on a five-game losing streak. These generals aren’t leading anyone to victory.” 

Not being able to secure an airbase long enough for an orderly evacuation and forcing U.S. troops to do “impossible” security at the Kabul airport with hordes of desperate crowds trying to get through doesn’t make the U.S. look like the “great American war machine.” 

“Milley did admit the obvious, that the withdrawal was a strategic failure, ya think?” she said. “But he still doesn’t think anyone should be held accountable.” 

She said conversely Scheller’s family has accepted that he broke the rules even though his reasons were “noble.”

“They can’t intimidate and silence all of us. They’ll try but they can’t,” Ingraham said of dissent to the Biden administration. “We need to stand up for those who are brave enough to speak the hard truths publicly. America has not been betrayed by Lt. Col. Scheller. America was betrayed by our incompetent, arrogant and newly woke military leadership.”  

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.


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